The world is in dire need of sustainable environmental management in our infrastructural development and space management interfacing.

Naturally Urban Environmental Incorporated consultation and construction service in sustainable environmental and real estate industry.

We a for-profit corporation that was established to be of service to those in need of service in order to do our part in leaving this earth healthier for future generations. N.U.E. Inc. ,  is focused on the collaboration of social service and education in an effort to provide sustainable, eco- friendly and green products, services and workmanship to meet the demand for reducing energy consumption, raw materials and toxic products that are endangering our families  lives and killing our planet and its limited resources. N.U.E., Inc. is committed to cultivating minority personnel to meet the job market need. NUE is part of society and feels that it has a responsibility to tackle current challenges such as climate change, shortage of resources, health protection and poverty.

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It is our mission to reduce the carbon footprint in our communities and municipalities within Chicago and all over the United States by developing renewable and clean energy source interfacing in homes.

Effective waste management systems by creating compost infrastructure to reduce greenhouse emission.


Human real estate development must integrate green considerations in urban planning to maintain environmental integrity for sustainable environmental arrangement.

We develop real estate projects; build and renovate homes and offer consultation services towards an energy efficient, eco-friendly space management and infrastructural development, and home renovations.


It is also within our fundamental mission to run community education and sensitization programs to illuminate people within our communities and municipalities on how to live sustainably for a cleaner, healthier, and greener environment.


It is our vision for the near future, to extend our service beyond the shores of the United States, and take our doctrine of a sustainable and green real estate integration to other parts of the world in our push to combat environmental degradation in urban planning and climate change.

The Basis of our operation




To ReNew our community orientation and living through optimized education, sensitization, and outreach on the important of a sustainable, cleaner and safer space

To Reshape through optimal application of eco-friendly energy efficient infrastructure, and sustainable real estate interfacing within our communities, and municipalities, not just in the United States but all over the world.

To ReVitalize through mentorship, create jobs, training, and inspire people within our communities and municipalities towards occupation in the sustainability industry and STEM in general.

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