Meet The Queen Of Green

Victoria, like other Inner-City kids, was subject to encompassing profiling of low expectations, which seemed to gain credence with her initial struggle to pass through high school successfully.

With a G.P.A. of merely 1.69, one could imagine how easy it would be to write her off. But like every adversity she would go on to overcome, it started with overcoming that very first one. She soon found herself admitted to Lincoln University in Missouri. 

Victoria had always taken less interest in vocations that a young person in her peer group or social strata would dream of. She had little interest in playing the doctor, the nurse, the pilot, the movie star, or many other vivid dreams that defined most childhood formative years.

Her dream was simple, “I want to do more than be a professional. I want to do something that will change the world”.

Queen of Green


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Choosing to get a degree in Environmental Sciences was an inevitable effect of this understanding. She became one of the twenty-six students selected across the country to receive ‘The Nuclear Security Administration fellowship, cohort class 1, which funded her higher education at Drexel University, in Philadelphia.

There, she obtained her Master’s Degree in the Environmental Sciences – focusing on toxicology and ecology.

Under the employ of the Education Advance Alliance Inc. as an assistant science teacher at the time, Victoria actively mentored students in the greater Philadelphia area on the importance of the S.T.E.M. field. This also helped her hone her skills as a public speaker and educator in government and social settings.

Throughout her career  Victoria has traveled nationally and internationally focusing on research and sustainable innovation. Over  her academic career, Victoria’s research included  the Phytoremediation of EPA SUPERFUND sites, Wastewater remediation at Los Alamos National Laboratory of New Mexico, and a host of other water and soil quality . In 2011, Naturally Urban Environmental , Inc was born, Sustainable Development and Environmental Consulting firm focuse in real estate. Victoria’s entrepreneurial endeavors continued to evolve when in 2015, Victoria partnered with her sister to establish 360 Realty & Development, LLC, as Chief  Operations Manager

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Mrs. Victoria Wilson considers herself to be the new renaissance woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty during construction renovations or present the business to potential investors for a sustainable future. Holding tight to her faith and supported by loved ones, Victoria believes that if you can envision, plan and execute it, your goals , however big or small can be obtained by faith and action.